Note: This is a pre-release of Bagawork. Many things will likely change before the first stable release.


On these pages you can learn how Bagawork is implemented, and what you need to do to run Bagawork apps or our Online Editor on your own website.

Are you lost?

These Implementation pages are only intended for those who want to learn how Bagawork (the framework) is implemented, and for those those who want to run Bagawork apps or our Online Editor on their own website. Those creating Bagawork apps through our Online Editor won't find anything interesting on these Implementation pages.

npm packages

The Bagawork framework is implemented as two different npm packages:

They all follow the SemVer versioning convention, and they all use the same version number, i.e. when the version number of one package is updated, the other one is updated to the same one version number, even if nothing has changed in it. So if you use both of these packages, always use the same version number in them!

Changes made in each version is documented on the Changelog page.

Source code

The source code for all @bagawork packages is available in the Git repository